How to make a PVC Longbow

Longbows have been around for many centuries in many cultures.  In today’s technology driven world it’s fun to know that you can still build a simple weapon in your own backyard that takes advantage of a basic design, eons old.

We decided to put a little spin on that.  We decided to use some cheap materials that are readily available instead of wood that our forefathers would have had to use.  The goal was to build a bow for around $15 in supplies.  By using PVC and fiberglass rod we were able to create a highly functioning bow fairly easily that shoots incredibly accurate considering the cost and ease of making it.  We ended up with a longbow with about a 60 lb draw weight.  It shoots very accurately and most of the inconsistency in shots can be attributed to the effort to hold back the entire weight of the draw as opposed to the modern compound bows that reduce that by 80+ percent at the point of release.

Check out Scott from 550 AMERICA showing all the steps involved in making the bow.

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