Disassembling your 550 paracord

7 strand paracordIn a recent post we talked about how to increase the strength of 550 paracord.  But what if you don’t need 550 lbs of strength.  Maybe you need a quick makeshift fishing line.  Your not fishing for large powerful fish and the thickness of the cord is not going to work very well on your makeshift fishing pole.

Similar to how we described thinking of paracord as a single strand in a larger rope, keep in mind that paracord itself is made of smaller pieces of string.  Each length of 550 paracord has either 5 or 7 strands of yarns within its outer sheath.  If the total strength of the paracord is 550 lbs then each of the yarns will have a breaking strength of roughly 70+ lbs each (550  / 7 = 78).  You can simply cut away the outer sheath of the 550 cord to reveal the inner yarns and use them individually.

You can use them individually to secure branches to make a quick shelter.  You can tie them all together to hoist lightweight supplies over a longer distance.  The possibilities are endless.  The key point to remember when you are out in the wild with limited supplies is that the roughly 5/32 inch cord can be made smaller or larger depending on what the current situation calls for.  There is nothing stopping you except for your imagination and ingenuity!


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