550 Minuteman ™


The “550 Minuteman” bracelet is designed to be ready in a moments notice.  Just like the Minutemen of the American Revolution, when you’re in need of assistance, time is of the essence.

If you have ever struggled to untie a paracord bracelet before you know that it takes minutes to untie it before you can use the paracord.  In a emergency or survival situation this might be precious time that you don’t have.  The 550 Minuteman is designed to be unraveled in seconds.  Simple take off the bracelet, grab the middle of the bracelet in one hand and the wooden barrel connector in the other, and pull.  The entire length of the bracelet will easily unravel leaving you with roughly 14 feet of paracord in seconds, depending on the original length of bracelet.  Have no fear, it will never unravel by itself while wearing the bracelet.

The Minuteman bracelet is available in limited quantities.  For specific colors and lengths please contact us at sales@550america.com and we would be happy to create a customized 550 Minuteman bracelet for you.

CAUTION: 550 paracord is designed to have a breaking strength that exceeds 550lbs of force and will not break should you catch it on anything.  Take precautions that when operating any machinery in which your bracelet could get caught, that you remove the bracelet first to prevent possible serious injury.