550 Line Of Fire ™


The “550 Line Of Fire” necklace shows your support for the 2nd Amendment and all American’s right to bear arms.

The business end of the necklace is a 9mm casing packed with the exploding 550 cord knot.  This is connected to the main line of the necklace on the sub line by two plastic connectors for quick disconnect safety.  The main line is fully adjustable in the back by adjusting the slip knots through the wooden barrel connector.

The paracord knot, sub line, and main line come in all different colors.  The sub line and main line can be swapped in and out by snapping open the plastic connectors to create a infinite number of possible color and length combinations.

The Line Of Fire is available in limited quantities.  For specific colors or lengths please contact us at sales@550america.com and we would be happy to create a customized 550 Line Of Fire for you.

CAUTION: 550 paracord is designed to have a breaking strength that exceeds 550lbs of force and will not break should you catch it on anything.  Take precautions that when operating any machinery in which your necklace could get caught, that you remove the necklace from your being first to prevent possible serious injury.  As an added precaution the Line Of Fire is designed with plastic clasps that will unhook will adequate force but it is recommended that you still take precautions when necessary.